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Daytime dating versus nighttime dating

The other day, my friend was contemplating taking a girl out on a first date on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. He faced a common conundrum, though. Is a daytime date romantic and interesting enough? Does it say, ‘I want to have a good time’ or ‘Ouch. This is lame’?

While he struggled with the notion of taking a girl out on a daytime date, I contemplated the various situations and reasons why people typically go on nighttime dates. First of all, let’s point out the obvious: If you go out at night, have a good time and consume a sufficient amount of alcohol, your chances of bringing a girl/guy home on the first date is heightened. Ending the night with a nonchalant, “Would you like to grab a nightcap at my place? I had such a good time, I would hate for the evening to end so soon”, is a great way to encourage promiscuous behavior.

Nighttime dates are also good because they help create an atmosphere of mystique and romance.

In addition, nighttime dates seem to have an allowable and scripted set of talking points and topics. ‘What do you do for a living? How do you like your job? What do you do for fun?’ These are all common questions that arise during an evening meal.

Lastly, dancing is an activity more common to nighttime atmospheres. Dancing, while a fun form of exercise, is also extremely sensual and seductive by nature; hence promoting physical contact and sexual tension.

Being a female, I can say from personal experience that I believe daytime dates are a brilliant idea. There is no better way to get to know someone at a more intimate, yet genuine level. During the day we typically run errands, work, clean our houses, hang out with our friends, watch sports, catch up on current events, barbeque, swim and attend brunch with our pals. If you are genuinely interested in getting to know someone at a more meaningful and less scripted manner, treat your date to a day filled with spontaneity, intimacy and activity. Show her that your days aren’t allotted purely for you time.

Pros to daytime dates include:

1) Breakfast, brunch and lunch typically cost less than the average dinner

2) It is easier to be spontaneous on a daytime date. For example, take your date on a hike at the Arboretum and Nature Center followed by a picnic lunch at Discovery Green Park. If the date goes well, offer to meet up later for drinks – after both of you have cleaned off, freshened up and changed clothes. This way, you get to spend more time getting to know one another

3) Increased activity. Go sailing, kayaking, bicycling or even go to the Midtown Farmer’s Market in order to pick up some tasty treats for a snack or picnic lunch

4) Daytime dates imply that you have good intentions. Daytime dates, as well as group dates, are an excellent means to proving that you are sincere in your objectives, and you do not view your date as a conquest

Need suggestions on what to do for a daytime date? Be ready and expectant for my next article, “Where to go on a day date in Houston”.


  • Nicole 5 years ago

    I AGREE!

  • Victor--Seattle Singles Scene 5 years ago

    You make a good case for the daytime date. I can see the practicality of a daytime date for two individuals who fashion themselves as mature and dignified and desirous of a less than sexually charged atmosphere in public, such as a business networking meeting ha ha! But most red blooded American males like the mystique and romance and sexual tension and physical contact promoted by nightfall. And in the 21st century, email and IM and SMS and voice mail and other digital communication enable people to contact each other 24/7 and build considerable sexual tension before the first date (in most cases I've been in touch with a gal enough times to find out if she wears thongs or boyshorts or nothing under her low rise jeans). So by the time they meet in the flesh, one or both of them hope to explore some flesh, even if most of the clothes stay on. Nighttime is better suited for that type of exploration ;-)

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