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‘Days of Wine and Roses’ to get free screening at Grandin

This weekend before Valentine’s Day, Roanoke’s Grandin Theatre will show the 1962 classic “Days of Wine and Roses” on the big screen. It’s presented by Friendship Retirement Community as part of the Grandin’s Classic Film Series occurring the second Saturday of each month. The movie will screen in the main auditorium February 8 at 10 a.m. Admission is free.

Though “Days of Wine and Roses” is a hard hitting drama, its original theatrical poster proclaimed that “in its own terrifying way, it is a love story.” And love is very much at the center of this movie, but the story is anything but typical. Stars Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick are sensational as Joe and Kirsten. He’s a charming, vibrant alcoholic and she is a beautiful, captivating teetotaler. Though they share a powerful love for each other, Joe entices Kristen into a tragic triangle with his equally powerful love for the bottle. Her first sip sets them on a destructive course that ultimately leads Joe to realize he’s got to get sober. But all his efforts may be too late to repair the damage he’s done to Kirsten.

Five Oscar nominations, including both Lemmon and Remick, went to this shocking story directed by Blake Edwards. The movie won Best Original Song for the title tune by greats Henry Mancini (who often collaborated with Edwards) and Johnny Mercer. Among the many highlights is Lemmon’s agonizing and brutally realistic straightjacketed scene in a padded cell drunk tank. It’s an unforgettable cautionary tale that will make you hold your valentine tighter than ever.

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