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'Days of Our Lives': Will Sami try to get revenge on her own son?

Guy Wilson plays Will on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Chris Haston/NBC

Sami is not a happy woman and while her plan for revenge started with EJ and Abail, she soon turned on others who got in her way. So what is going to happen on "Days of Our Lives" when she finds out her own son wrote an article on her, exposing the things she has done? On Aug. 13, Christian Today revealed some "DOOL" spoilers regarding Sami and Will.

As viewers know, Will wrote an article exposing his mother. On yesterday's episode, the editor came to give him the contract and he gave her the article. Previous spoilers stated that Will would do something that he could regret later on. The "something" is the article, but in what ways will he regret it?

Sami hasn't read the article yet, but she will. She will be furious with her son, but how far will her anger reach? She is a scorned woman and has made EJ and Abigail's lives a living hell. Anyone that tries to tell her anything or stands in her way ends up on her list.

Will wrote the article out of anger. He wanted to make sure that his mother had consequences for her actions. Fans have an idea of some of the things that are in the article. Her sham of a marriage to EJ, stealing DiMera enterprises from her husband and Stefano and what Sami did to Abigail are some of the things that Will wrote about.

Sami will be hurt and feel betrayed by what Will did. She will have to deal with the effects of Salem finding out everything. Even though she loves her son dearly, could her anger cause her to try to get back at him? Sami doesn't deal with things like this very well. She has so much anger and hatred in her heart right now that adding Will's article could set her off in a blind rage.

What do you think will happen on "Days of Our Lives?" Will Sami forgive Will for writing the article or will she be so angry that she will try to get revenge?

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