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'Days of Our Lives': Will Sami forgive EJ?

On Wednesday's episode of "Days of Our Lives," Sami finally broke down and cried. In the emotional scene, she also discovered a shocking secret about Caroline. The news not only surprised Sami, but fans as well. Could this cause her to forgive her husband for his affair with Abigail? Will Sami forgive EJ?

Alison Sweeney plays Sami on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Caroline told Sami that she had an affair and deeply regreted it. However, her marriage survived. When she told Sami this, she couldn't believe her ears. Then she wondered if Caroline expected her to forgive EJ. During the conversation, Sami did finally break down and cry. This is something that viewers saw for the first time since discovering that Sami knew about the affair all along.

A while back it was announced Alison Sweeney was leaving "Days of Our Lives." While there are tons of theories on how she will make her exit, Alison did say in an interview that her character would "go out with a bang." Even though Sami is a bit of a bad girl, she is a lovable one and has many passionate fans. She and EJ seem to make a good couple and there are a lot of viewers that would like to see the two end up getting back together. It would be nice to see Sami have a happy ending.

The chances of a reconciliation seemed bleak until yesterday's episode. Not only did Caroline reveal her secret to Sami, but her daughter also did something that made an impact. She took a photo of Sami and EJ on their wedding day and made a heartwarming gift. She told Sami that now they are an "official" family.

With these events, it seems that the writers may be leaning towards having Sami forgive EJ, but it won't come easily. Betrayal is not something that can be easily forgiven or forgotten. Even if the two do get back together and live happily ever after, Abigail will probably still have to deal with Sami's anger.

What do you think will happen with Sami and EJ? Is there a possibility of a reconciliation for the couple? If so, how will she convince Kate to drop their plans? Will Abigail also be forgiven or will Sami continue to try to destroy her life?

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