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'Days of Our Lives': Will Sami and Will forgive each other?

Alison Sweeney plays Sami on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Chris Haston/NBC

Will's article exposing Sami has been a major storyline on "Days of Our Lives." On Friday's episode, Sonny went to confront Sami and EJ had a few words to say to Will. It was revealed that it was Sami who gave Abigail's name to the editor of TruVista magazine. So will Sami forgive her son for writing the article and should Will forgive his mother for the things she has done?

When Sami first found out about the article, she was angry and confronted Will about it. She ended up telling him that he would end up regretting it. Some fans took this as a threat while others thought that she would never do anything to intentionally hurt her son. Even though Sami did not directly get revenge on Will, she did start the chain in Will and Abigail's relationship, which "DOOL" spoilers reveal will be destroyed.

Sami has done a lot of things that are wrong, but as long-time fans know, it isn't because she is evil. She is just hurt and when she feels betrayed or attacked, she reacts before thinking of the possible consequences. When she identified Abigail as EJ's mistress, she didn't think far enough ahead about how it would affect Will. She was only thinking about the present, if she was going to be exposed, then she wanted Abigail exposed as well.

So will Sami and Will ever forgive each other? Even there are no "DOOL" spoilers out yet that answer this question, it seems that they will eventually. However, it might not be right away. Sami loves her son and when EJ found out that Will wrote the article, she tried to soften the blow. Her son will probably need a lot of time before he forgives his mother. He was angry when he wrote the article, but he is even more furious now that he knows she was the one that identified Abigail, the one person Will was trying to protect.

What do you think about Sami and Will's relationship on "Days of Our Lives?" Do you think they will forgive each other eventually?

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