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'Days of Our Lives': Will Kristen return to Salem with a big surprise?

Eileen Davidson plays Kristen on "Days of Our Lives"
Eileen Davidson plays Kristen on "Days of Our Lives"
Lavender/YouTube (Screen Capture)

The residents of Salem are not too happy with Kristen DiMera. It was recently announced that the "Days of Our Lives" character will be returning to the show, but could she be coming back with a big surprise? On March 6, Days of Our Lives News discussed what she could be bringing back.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Days of Our Lives" spoilers or fan speculation, then stop reading.

Kristen drugged Eric, then slept with him. It was filmed and Kristen's deeds were exposed to everyone right in the middle of her wedding to Brady. However, instead of Kristen being the one with the shredded life, it was Eric. When Kristen returns to Salem, could she be bringing something back with her?

Fans are speculating that Kristen will come back either pregnant or with a baby. The timeline would fit just right with the amount of time she would have been gone. If this is true, then the story could go a few different ways. Either the baby will be Brady's and he will have to struggle with dealing with a woman he hates for the child's sake (and quit partying) or the baby will be Eric's. If it is the latter, it could cause problems in Eric and Nicole's relationship. And if Eric is the father, how will he deal with co-parenting with a woman who destroyed his life?

Do you think this "Days of Our Lives" theory is possible? Could Kristen return to Salem pregnant or with a baby? If so, who do you think the father will be?