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'Days of Our Lives': Will John survive Theresa's attack?

Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn star in "Days of Our Lives"
Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn star in "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

On Monday's episode of "Days of Our Lives," John was physically assaulted by Theresa. Will he live or did she kill him? These plus more "DOOL" spoilers for this week were revealed by Days of Our Lives News on July 14.

As viewers saw on Monday, Theresa called John to the Kiriakis home. When he arrived, she gloated about her news to John with Brady present, but passed out. After she was done, John revealed that he recorded what she had to say and the look on her face was priceless. As John went to check on his son, Theresa bashed him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. Is he alive or dead? Did Theresa kill John Black?

Did Theresa kill John Black?

While nobody except the writers and cast knows for sure, "DOOL" spoilers do reveal that he is still alive, at least for now. Tuesday's episode will have Brady going into a panic, thinking that he murdered his father. Theresa of course, will try to save herself, which shouldn't be a surprise to fans.

John Black isn't dead, at least not yet. On Wednesday, Marlena will be "horrified" when she discovers John Black's condition. But John might not make it to the end of the week. On Friday, Daniel will give Brady some bad news. This can either mean he will tell Brady that his dad is dead or perhaps he will remain in a coma or have serious injuries as a result of Theresa's attack. Instead of feeling guilty about committing murder or attempted murder, Theresa will be concerned about whether she will be found out or not.

More stress for Abigail

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for the other characters this week include Eve Donovan and Abigail having a blowout in public. But that isn't the only stressful situation to affect Abby on Tuesday. Sami will do something else in an attempt to destroy Abigail and on Thursday, Ben will question Abigial about EJ.

EJ, Sami and Kate

On Wednesday, EJ will try to plead with Sami, but it probably won't work. Sami is determined to get revenge and her character isn't one to just back down. However, the tables might turn on her because it was also revealed that Sami will be thrown for a loop when Kate makes an unexpected move. On Thursday, Sami will hear a shocking secret, but it is anyone's guess on what it is or who the secret is about.

Jordan, Ben and Clyde

As fans saw last week, Clyde now knows where Jordan and Ben are and it was revealed that he is their father. On Wednesday, Jordan's worst nightmare will come true. Thursday's episode will have Clyde, Jordan and Ben reuniting. What will happen when they meet and what kind of secrets will be revealed? A sneak peek photo posted on NBC's website shows Clyde grabbing Jordan forcefully by the wrist. Will she be another character to die on the soap opera?

Will, Eric and Nicole

Towards the end of the week, fans can expect to see Will receiving a questionable assignment. On Friday, Eric will ask Nicole for a favor.

What do you think of the "DOOL" spoilers for this week? Will John Black die or will he live? Will Theresa be found out or will she let Brady think that he killed his father? What do you think will happen with the rest of the characters on "Days of Our Lives?"

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