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'Days of Our Lives': Will Hope and Aiden ever get along?

Kristian Alfonso plays Hope on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

On March 7, the "Days of Our Lives" Facebook page posted the previous day's episode, which featured Hope and Aiden. On that episode, Hope and Aiden had to work together. Unfortunately Hope had to step out and received a devastating letter from Bo. Upon her return, Aiden had a sarcastic comment, but when he came back in after taking a phone call, his demeanor changed. Will these two ever get along?

It seems that they might work through their differences. They got off on the wrong foot because Aiden was upset that his son was being bullied by Hope's daughter. Sometimes parents get protective of their children and can react in harsh ways towards a perceived threat. Hope's response wasn't much better. Instead of listening and taking action, she couldn't believe that her daughter would bully someone.

When Aiden came inside from taking his phone call, he saw how upset Hope was. It was clear from the expression on his face that he felt bad for her, even though he had no idea what was upsetting her. He did tell her that he hoped things worked out and he seemed sincere. This just might be the first step in those two finally getting along.

To take it a step further, there are some fans speculating that Hope and Aiden will end up getting romantic. If this theory turns out to be accurate, what will happen when Bo comes back?

What do you think will happen with Hope and Aiden on "Days of Our Lives?" Will those two ever get along or will they continue to bicker? Do you agree with the viewers that believe those two will get romantic?

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