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'Days of Our Lives': Will EJ side with Kristen or go against her?

James Scott plays EJ DiMera on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Now that Kristen DiMera has returned to "Days of Our Lives," things are getting intense. Fans are wondering what is going to happen with Daniel and Kristen finally get to Salem. On Aug. 11, Hollywood News Daily reported "DOOL" spoilers for the rest of the week and it turns out EJ is going to have to make a decision about his sister.

On today's episode, Kristen's return will shock everyone in Salem and EJ will have a decision to make. He will either need to side with his sister and support her or go against her. When he and Sami were still together he battled with that choice. Now that the couple is splitsville, it will be even harder, especially since he is still hoping to win his wife back.

Even though Sami has done everything she can to make EJ pay, he still loves her. On yesterday's episode he made a remark about one of their children. He wasn't expecting Sami's harsh reaction to what he said. This is when she decided to get a restraining order. Also, several people were with Hope at the police station. They were taken by surprise when Daniel and a police officer escorted Kristen inside.

Kristen could be made legally responsible for what she did to Eric. However, Nicole destroyed the evidence. Even though the documents were put back together somewhat, will that be enough to charge Kristen with a crime? Or will she get away with it?

EJ looks just as shocked as everyone else at Kristen's arrival, so he must not have known her plans for Daniel. Even though he is committed to family, chances are he might not side with Kristen this time. However, another DiMera will. "DOOL" spoilers tease that Stefano DiMera is going to play some part in helping Kristen.

Other things to expect on the Aug. 13 episode of "Days of Our Lives" is Brady dealing with big news, which is probably Kristen's return. Also, Sami will confront Nicole about Eric's situation.

Do you think EJ will side with Kristen or will he side with the rest of Salem? What do you think is going to happen with her character now that she is at the police station?

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