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'Days of Our Lives': Will Daniel be cleared or is his career over?

Shawn Christian plays Dr. Daniel Jonas on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Mark Metcalfe

On today's episode of "Days of Our Lives," the focus was on Sami and EJ. As fans know, they are not the only couple in trouble on the soap opera. Liam is trying to destroy Jennifer and Daniel's lives and on April 21, NBC uploaded a sneak peek of Tuesday's episode to their website. The clip reveals whether Daniel will be cleared of drug abuse or not.

The narrator on the video mentions that Liam's plan to destroy Jennifer and Daniel failed while showing him holding a bottle of pills. It seems to imply that Daniel will be cleared of any wrongdoing when he tested positive for prescription drugs. The clip also shows Jennifer explaining to Daniel that someone got into his apartment to drug him by using a key. This is one thing that Theresa was worried about, that her giving Liam the key to Daniel's place would be discovered. So what will happen now?

Even though Jennifer has figured out Daniel was drugged, it will still have to be proven to the hospital. Right now the hospital has suspended him pending an investigation. Days of Our Lives News posted "DOOL" spoilers and revealed that this week Jennifer would find incriminating evidence at his apartment. But will that evidence be able to clear Daniel or will someone at the hospital, perhaps Anne, claim that she is doing whatever she can to make sure Daniel keeps his job?

Even if Daniel is cleared, Liam is not going to stop. Jennifer will go to the Horton cabin and Liam will follow her there. When she notices him at the door, she will ask him what she is doing there, but he doesn't look very happy. Jennifer's life could be in grave danger. Will she be able to escape or will Liam get revenge for her breaking his heart?

Fans will have to keep watching "Days of Our Lives" this week to find out. What are your theories on Liam, Jennifer and Daniel? Will the good doctor be cleared? Is Jennifer's life in danger?

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