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'Days of Our Lives': Where is Gabi going?

Camila Banus plays Gabi on "Days of Our Lives"
Camila Banus plays Gabi on "Days of Our Lives"
DaysTVHDTv/YouTube (screen capture)

Today, April 14, another episode of "Days of Our Lives" aired and it appears as if Gabi has had enough. She had her bags packed and told Will that she and their daughter, Ari, were leaving. Now the question fans have is where are they going? Are they staying in Salem, but just leaving Will and Sonny's apartment or are they moving to another location?

The answer to those questions haven't been answered yet, but this is news that will upset not only Will, but Sonny and Sami as well. They are becoming increasingly concerned about Nick's influence on Gabi, but no matter how many times they try to talk to her about it, she just keeps defending him. So where could Gabi be going?

Gabi probably won't be leaving Salem this week because spoiler reports state that she is going to freak out when Will approaches her about a custody agreement towards the end of the week. However, She Knows reported that actress Camila Banus is leaving "Days of Our Lives." She filmed her last episode on January 17, which means that the last time fans will see her on the show will probably be sometime this month.

Even though the actress who plays Gabi is leaving, that doesn't necessarily mean that the character will be saying farewell. "DOOL" could be casting another actress to play her part, but no information has been revealed yet. Before Camila, the character of Gabi was played by Gabriella Rodriguez, so another recasting is possible.

If Gabi leaves Salem, will Ari go with her? Will and Sami will not let that happen, but could they try to get custody from her? Perhaps Sami will be so desperate to control the situation that she will do something to her? Or will another actress be filling Camila's shoes so the storyline can continue? Fans will have to keep watching "Days of Our Lives" to find out.