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'Days of Our Lives': When will Theresa get caught?

Theresa just can't stop hurting people and her latest lie is a huge one. As loyal "Days of Our Lives" fans know, she hit John over the head with a poker and now he is in a deep coma. Instead of taking responsibility, she tried to cover her tracks. As if that weren't enough, she moved the bodies and made it seem like Brady Black was responsible for the crime. It is only a matter of time before she gets caught, but viewers want to know when. On the July 26 episode of "DOOL," there were a few clues about Theresa Donovan trying to murder John Black.

Jen Lilley plays Theresa on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

There are not any "DOOL" spoilers that state when Theresa will be held responsible for the attempted murder of John, but people are already suspicious. Abe is one person who doesn't believe her story and while forensics hasn't been able to prove yet that she attacked John, the evidence doesn't prove that Brady did the crime.

There are others that think Theresa is hiding something, but most think that Theresa is not guilty of attempted murder, but of getting Brady back on drugs. As Victor told Theresa, it is her fault because she drugged him up.

So when will Theresa get caught? Chances are very soon. The evidence doesn't support Brady as a suspect. He also refuses to have a lawyer, so some think he might go to jail, but that probably won't happen. Theresa panicked when she tried to cover up her crime and not being knowledgable about police procedures or forensics, she likely forgot something. The lab is going to analyze the evidence and when Abe gets the results, suspicion will fall on Theresa.

When Brady finds out what Theresa did and that she tried to get him to pay the price, he will never forgive her. In fact, he might go into a rage and do something to make her pay. Even though Theresa got together with Brady to get a big payday, it seems that she might have some feelings for him. Unfortunately, she is too selfish and only cares about herself. She has gotten away with way too much and it is about time that she pay the price.

As for the other "Days of Our Lives" characters, look forward to Will doing something to teach his mother a lesson. He knows a lot of the things she has done, but one secret hasn't come out yet... that Sami participated in trying to kill Nick the first time. Could he expose the truth? Also, Abigail and Sami will have a major confrontation. A sneak peek photo for "Days of Our Lives" shows Abigail grabbing Sami's arm, but Sami doesn't look surprised or angry. She seems slightly amused and it is clear she has plans to get revenge.

Other "DOOL" spoilers come from the NBC website, which posted sneak peek photos for next week. Fans can expect Kristen to return and she will kidnap Daniel. However, he ends up turning the tables and gaining control of the situation. Clyde is going to give Ben a warning and Victor tells EJ something shocking. Also, Kate offers a proposal to Victor.

As for Theresa, she will remain in Salem, but Eve will blackmail her to help her with a medical situation. The only thing that comes to mind is the surgery so she can sing again. Also, Nicole is going to tell Eric what she has decided.

What do you think of the "DOOL" spoilers for next week? When and how do you think the truth about what Theresa did will come out?

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