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'Days of Our Lives': What will happen to Sami?

When Alison Sweeney announced that she was leaving "Days of Our Lives," fans were saddened by the news. She has been on the soap opera for quite a long time and the character of Sami is a fan favorite. There has been a lot of speculation on how Sami will exit the show. On June 2, Sweeney went on the "Today" show and talked about her character, the show and other projects she is working on.

Alison Sweeney plays Sami on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Maury Phillips

Fans have been busy speculating on how Sami will leave the show. Some think that she will go to prison for Nick Fallon's murder, but when asked about this theory, Sweeny shook her head no. One fan even wondered if she would die, but could come back. The actress did not give an answer to this theory. However, she did say that "Days of Our Lives" is leaving the door open so she can return if she wishes.

Don't get too excited at the idea of Sami returning full-time, if she returns at all. Even though they are leaving the door open for her, she doesn't think she will come back as a regular cast member. She would like the option of coming back for big events such as weddings or anniversaries. She previously said that she wants to be part of the 50th anniversary celebration next year.

So if Sami doesn't go to prison for killing Nick, then how will she leave Salem? Her character's husband-to-be, EJ Dimera, is also leaving the show. Although there are no "DOOL" spoilers on how they will exit, the most sensible speculation is that EJ and Sami will leave Salem together. It is true that they have delayed their wedding and there is the issue of EJ's affair with Abigail. Maybe all the drama with Abigail, Nick and everything else will have the characters move away to get a fresh start. That would exit it from the show, but leave an opening for both of them to return if they wish.

How do you feel about Alison Sweeney leaving "Days of Our Lives?" How do you think the writers will have Sami leave Salem?

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