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'Days of Our Lives': What happened to Aiden's wife?

Aiden has been a bit of a mystery since his introduction on "Days of Our Lives." A lot of fans have wondered what happened to his wife. On the July 23 episode of the soap opera, Aiden himself gave a clue during his talk with J.J. It seems that Aiden's relationship with Chase's mother involved some drama.

Daniel Cosgrove plays Aiden on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

On yesterday's episode, J.J. was telling Aiden that his relationship with Paige was complicated because Eve Donovan is her mother. Aiden listened and seemed to feel bad about the whole situation, but then he firmly told J.J. never to rush into marriage. He said that rushing into marriage could be a huge mistake. He didn't seem to be talking about J.J. and Paige, though. It seems as if Aiden was talking from experience.

Before this, fans wondered if Chase's mom died from an illness or perhaps she and Aiden had a bitter divorce. Chase was given a stern talking to from his father a few weeks ago when the boy and Hope had an innocent conversation about her. What secret is Aiden trying to hide? Who is she, why was he upset that Chase was talking about her and is this the reason he doesn't drink? One fan had speculated a while ago that perhaps she was killed in an alcohol-related accident. Something like that would definitely change one's view of drinking.

But Aiden telling J.J. about how rushing into marriage could be the worst mistake of his life seemed to give a few clues. It sounds like Aiden married a woman too quickly and that she caused a lot of grief. Maybe the reason he doesn't drink is because she had an alcohol problem. Or perhaps she is a villainous character who caused nothing but trouble everywhere she went.

It definitely sounds like the writers are setting up the storyline so fans can find out what happened to Aiden's wife. Celeb Dirty Laundry posted a "DOOL" spoiler report stating that Hope and Aiden could end up in a love triangle. The website speculated that the third party could be Kayla. However, with the recent clues about Aiden's wife, perhaps she will come to Salem and cause a rift between Aiden and Hope?

It seems that every character on "Days of Our Lives" has a few secrets. What do you think is the deal with Chase's mother? Do you think that she will show up in Salem and if so, how will that affect Hope and Aiden?

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