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'Days of Our Lives': What are Nick's plans for Gabi?

Camila Banus plays Gabi on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

A few of the characters on "Days of Our Lives" were shocked when Nick returned because they thought he was dead. The one person that was the most stunned was Gabi. While everyone is suspicious of Nick's intentions and having been blackmailed and threatened by him, Gabi is the only person who believes he has changed. But what are Nick's plans for her? Is he interested in getting her back or does he have something more sinister planned? On March 4, Days of Our Lives News discussed the possibilities.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Days of Our Lives" spoilers or fan speculation, then stop reading.

It seems as if getting Gabi back would be Nick's plan, but since Gabi will be leaving the show, Nick killing her could be a real possibility. His desperation to have her may have turned into revenge and quiet rage after she hit him in the head with a rock.

There has been no word on how Gabi will exit the show. She could simply disappear, move away or die. However, there is no way that Sonny and Will could be without Ari, so the most logical theory is that she will be murdered or die in some sort of accident.

What do you think Nick's intentions for Gabi are? How will she exit "Days of Our Lives?"

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