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'Days of Our Lives': Theresa does something desperate and Sami has a breakdown

Things are getting exciting in Salem and according to a June 20 post by Breathecast, this upcoming week is going to have even more drama for "Days of Our Lives" fans. The "DOOL" spoilers report gives some tidbits on several characters, but two of the most interesting include Theresa doing something desperate and Sami having a breakdown.

Alison Sweeney plays Sami on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

As viewers saw last week, Theresa hit John over the head with a fire poker and then let Brady take the blame. But it seems that she might get caught sooner or later because Abe was asking her some very interesting questions. Forensics have already determined that someone moved the bodies and questioned the prints on the fire poker. "DOOL" spoilers for this week state that Theresa is going to realize that her plans for the future are not going the way she wants them to. She is going to do something desperate in order to force things to go her way.

Another interesting storyline is Sami's revenge. She plans to make EJ and Abigail pay for their affair, but her family is not pleased with her and wants to her stop. As fans know, Sami doesn't back down easily, but when she tries to get advice from Caroline, she doesn't get wise words, but tough love. After Sami is asked some difficult questions, Sami has a breakdown. But there is more difficulty in store for her. Sami's own son will have some things to say to her, too. Will is not happy with Sami at all and tells her she needs to stop what she is doing to Abigail.

The website also reported that Hope is going to be stunned when Ciara invites Aiden and Chase with them on vacation. Also, J.J. will try to use romantic tension to his advantage when he takes Paige out on a date. However, things don't go as planned and things end up very badly.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported a major spoiler regarding Kristen DiMera. Fans have known for quite some time that she would be returning to Salem and the date of her reappearance is July 25. But what is interesting is the week she is to return is the same week that Brady finally decides to clean up his act. She will no doubt make Brady's decision to get sober very difficult. "DOOL" spoilers also reveal that Kristen is going to kidnap someone, but who will it be and what does she expect to gain from the abduction?

What do you think will happen on "Days of Our Lives" this week? Will Kristen ruin Brady's chances of sobriety? What is Theresa planning to do next? Who will Kristen kidnap and why?

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