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'Days of Our Lives' theory: Who is harassing Jennifer?

Melissa Reeves plays Jennifer on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Last week on "Days of Our Lives" it was revealed that Jennifer is being harassed. She, along with viewers, want to know who it is and only three suspects come to mind: Theresa, Anne and Liam. On March 14, Days of Our Lives News posted spoilers for the upcoming week and in those, there seems to be a clue.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Days of Our Lives" spoilers or fan speculation for the week of March 17, then stop reading.

It turns out on Tuesday, Theresa is going to be surprised by Liam's interest. Since Liam did date Jennifer for a bit, she probably revealed to him her issues with Theresa. After Jennifer broke up with him, he was outraged and it was clear from his body language that he could end up causing problems for her. It seems that knowing Theresa's hatred for the woman, Liam would take advantage of that and use her to get back at Jennifer. One of those ways would to harass her and possibly try to ruin her reputation.

It even makes more sense because on Wednesday, Brady is going to catch Theresa with Liam.

Of course, Theresa and Anne are always together trying to make Jennifer's life difficult. Once Liam and Theresa get to talking, she will inform Anne, who will help destroy her enemy.

What do you think of this "Days of Our Lives" speculation? Do you think it is accurate or do you have another theory?

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