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'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: Will Eric be a priest again?

Greg Vaughan plays Eric on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

One of the major storylines on "Days of Our Lives" is Eric finding out that Nicole hid evidence that could have cleared his name. Now that the truth has come out, he and Nicole have to travel to the Vatican to plead his case. There are "DOOL" spoilers for next week's episodes that reveal what that decision will be this week. On Aug. 4, She Knows posted the spoilers, which include information about Eric.

Eric wasn't pleased when he was told that Nicole needed to go with him to the Vatican. However, they were supposed to be on separate planes. He was surprised when she ended up sitting beside him. He was not pleased and it seemed as if his anger towards her was growing.

"DOOL" spoilers for this week state that on Tuesday, Eric will fight to keep his feelings for his ex under control. A sneak peek on NBC shows the two in bed together. Nicole is rubbing his chest and he has a bewildered look on his face. On Wednesday, Eric and Nicole are questioned at the Vatican. Eric's fate is decided. A sneak peek shows him being asked if he wants to be a priest again. He ends up blurting out with intense emotion his true feelings... that he wants her.

Next week's spoilers state that Sami will confront Nicole. She is angry about her part in Eric not being allowed back into the priesthood. So it seems that the Vatican will decide that Eric shouldn't be a priest. Sami won't be the only one upset by the decision. Marlena never trusted Nicole and felt that she was hiding something about the battle with Chyka. Daniel will probably tell her that Eric would still be a priest and a clean reputation if she had come forward with the information in the first place.

With Eric out of the church and having to admit that he still wants Nicole, will he forgive her? Find out what will happen on "Days of Our Lives" the week of Aug. 11.

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