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'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: Nick is back and revenge is on his mind

Blake Berris
Blake Berris
Photo by Skip Bolen

Huge "Days of Our Lives" spoilers are out and Nick Fallon is back. That is right is not dead after all even though a lot of fans were sure of this anyway. On Jan. 24, TV Fanatic shared the spoilers and he will be returning. The show also went to their Facebook to share a picture showing his return.

If Nick remembers everything, this could be really bad. He is not going to be happy at all and has revenge on his mind. He showed up at the christening shocking everyone. Abigail gave Julie a look like she knows that there is a problem going to happen and this can't be good.

They never showed Nick's body which of course made fans think he wasn't dead or that there might be more to this story line later on. He might have even been the one that took the photos of EJ and Abby when all the news comes out. Sami better watch out though because she is going to be a target. This might end up being part of what they do to get rid of Allison Sweeney's character since she is leaving the show. Blake shared a few secrets during live chat you can read here.

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If you want more spoilers, Blake Berris is chatting live with fans on January 27. Find out more here.