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‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: May sweeps brings murder in Salem

'Days of Our Lives' May sweeps spoilers reveal a murder in Salem.
'Days of Our Lives' May sweeps spoilers reveal a murder in Salem.
Photo by Skip Bolen

Days of Our Lives” spoilers for May sweeps have been released, and it looks like someone is going to die, Hollywood News Daily reported on April 24.

According to the report, someone will be shot and killed in Salem the week of May 5, which is coincides with sweeps, one of the biggest events in television, where fans know shows will be bringing their A-games.

While it hasn’t been announced who will be the shooter or the victim, there are theories that Gabi could be the one to get shot and killed, as the actress who plays the role has left the show, and seemingly not been recast.

Meanwhile, if Gabi is the victim, there are plenty of people who could be the killer. Sami and Kate both have reasons to want Gabi gone from their lives after she landed them in hot water for helping her dump Nick’s seemingly dead body in the river.

Meanwhile, Nick seems like the main suspect as he’s been unstable since returning to Salem, and has attacked Gabi in the past.

However, the “Days of Our Lives” murder could also be an accident, and any number of people could wind up pulling the trigger, such as Gabi’s baby daddy, Will, or his husband, Sonny, if there were to be a struggle over a gun, perhaps.

Fans can’t wait to see how it all goes down next month.

What do you think about someone being killed on “Days of Our Lives” during May sweeps?

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