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'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: How far will Abigail go?

Kate Mansi plays Abigail Deveraux on "Days of Our Lives"
Kate Mansi plays Abigail Deveraux on "Days of Our Lives"
NBC (video screen capture)

"Days of Our Lives" is no stranger to odd couples and juicy storylines. EJ and Sami are still together, despite having relationship issues and a lot of fans think the two belong together. However, when EJ and Abigail slept together for the first time, it shocked viewers. Most thought it was just a one-time thing, but now the two have become passionate several times. Even though last week EJ told Abigail that they couldn't do that anymore, it seems that she may not give up that easily. On Feb. 15, Days of Our Lives News revealed spoilers and NBC also posted a sneak peek video that makes it seem as if Abigail might not walk away without a fight.

The spoiler report reveals that on Monday's episode, someone will interrupt a private moment between Abigail and EJ. It seems that the private moment isn't sex, but the two having a conversation based on photographs and the sneak peek video that NBC posted on their website.

The person who interrupts could be Sami because on Tuesday, Abigail will tell her that she and EJ share a secret. But Abigail isn't the type of girl that goes around trying to intentionally destroy relationships. She most likely will not tell Sami that their secret has to do with her sleeping with EJ, but she will probably make something up about Chad.

On the Feb. 19 episode, expect a difficult interaction between EJ and Abigail because she is going to tell him that she can't give him up. Things sound like they are going to intensify because on Friday, Abigail will fight for him.

During the week of Feb. 17, viewers will see Sami and EJ getting intimate and they will once again return to sleeping in the same bed. He tells Abigail this as well as saying bluntly that he loves Sami, which seems to shock Abigail and she has that heartbroken look in her eyes.

Even though Abigail's character seems sweet, it is easy to see her scheming to keep the man that she has fallen for. Now the only question is how will she do it, will she be successful and how will this affect Sami and EJ's relationship?

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