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'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: EJ reacts to Abigail's possible pregnancy

James Scott
James Scott
Photo by Gail Oskin

Maybe EJ should have thought more before he slept with Abigail on "Days of Our Lives." He obviously wasn't careful when they were in the shower and now it is possible she could be pregnant with his baby. On March 7, Hollywood News Daily shared how he is freaking out at the possibility.

At this time it is still unconfirmed if she is pregnant or not. EJ found out because his fiance Sami told him but of course she has no idea it could be his baby. Actually Abigail hasn't been with anyone else while she was obsessing over EJ so if she is pregnant then he has a baby on the way.

EJ is a very proud father and always puts his kids first. If there is a child, he will do all that he can to protect and probably want it to have his name. This could be the end for EJ and Sami even though they have already set a wedding date. Of course nothing ever goes easy for them. This story line will last a while until fans find out if Abigail is really pregnant or not.

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