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'Days of Our Lives': Someone knows about EJ and Abby plus other spoilers

James Scott plays EJ DiMera on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Last week on "Days of Our Lives" viewers were finally able to see Will and Sonny get married. For the week of April 7 to 11, the soap opera is going to go back to an unresolved storyline that has fans talking. On April 4, Days of Our Lives News reported that this week EJ and Abigail's affair isn't as secret as they thought it was as well as other "DOOL" spoilers.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Days of Our Lives" spoilers for the week of April 7, then stop reading.

Viewers knew that someone was watching EJ and Abigail from the very first time they became intimate, the identity of that person was just kept hidden. This week, EJ will find out that his affair with Abigail isn't as secret as he thought. This will be brought to light on Monday, but will he be able to keep what he has done under wraps or will his future with Sami be destroyed?

Who knows about EJ and Abigail?

An obvious suspect is Nick. It seems that he has dirt on pretty much everyone who he feels participated in trying to murder him or anyone who helped cover it up. Nick definitely wants to have the upper hand and just because he hasn't revealed that tidbit yet, doesn't mean that he doesn't have evidence. He could very well be waiting for just the right time to use it to his advantage. If Nick didn't gather the evidence, then he probably had his "assistant," Percy, do it.

Lucas and Sheryl

Other spoilers for the week include Lucas and Sheryl becoming much closer. She will also get into an argument with Kate and threaten her. Jade Harlow, who plays Sheryl on "Days of Our Lives" will not be a long-term character. Her character's story will come to a close in the next few weeks and now viewers are wondering why and how they will exit her character.

Liam is winning

Also, Liam is going to continue to cause problems for Daniel and starts a scandal at the hospital. He will keep on doing whatever he can to rip Daniel and Jennifer apart throughout the week. Nicole is suspicious of Liam, which she should be. By Friday, Kayla will end up suspending Daniel from the hospital.

Bev jealous of JJ and Paige?

JJ and Paige are going to get closer, but Bev isn't going to like it. He will end up asking Paige out on a date and the two will get closer as the week progresses.

Everyone else

Rafe will try to get Jordan to talk about her past, Ben will flirt with Abigail and Nicole is going to get good news from Eric. Fans can also look forward to Abe and Maxine getting closer as well as Hope rescuing Chase from a scary situation.

Last but not least, Gabi is going to get blasted by Sami.

Which "Days of Our Lives" storyline are you looking forward to the most this week?

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