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'Days of Our Lives': Should Eric forgive Nicole?

Arianne Zucker plays Nicole on "Days of Our Lives"
Arianne Zucker plays Nicole on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Paul Drinkwater/NBC

On the Aug. 7 episode of "Days of Our Lives," Eric made a decision that would affect the rest of his life. After trying so hard to get back into the priesthood, he was given that opportunity. At the last minute, he chose to walk away because of his feelings for Nicole. Did he make the right decision and will he eventually forgive Nicole?

Eric is still angry with her, but he also can't stop thinking of being with her. He is conflicted and it is clear he doesn't know what to do. If he felt torn between being a priest and being with Nicole, then he definitely made the right decision.

Fans are not sure if he will forgive Nicole, but the storyline has dragged on for some time now. It is usually a sign that the two will end up getting back together, although it might not happen right away. As for whether he should forgive her, that's a tough call to make. Yes, she made a huge mistake by destroying the evidence that could clear Eric. However, many fans understand why she did it. She loved him and was scared that her chance at happiness would walk away. Her reasons don't make it right, but fans can understand why she did it.

So will Eric forgive Nicole? There are no "DOOL" spoilers out yet that answer that question. However, on the "Days of Our Lives" Facebook page, many viewers are rooting for the couple. It seems that people want Nicole to finally find happiness and that the two should be together.

If they do find their way back to each other, there will be other complications. Marlena and Sami both are very untrusting of Nicole. Daniel is also someone who is having a difficult time forgiving her.

What do you think about the Eric and Nicole storyline? Should "Days of Our Lives" let the two be together again or did she ruin her chances with him?

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