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'Days of Our Lives': Sami will go out with a bang

Alison Sweeney plays Sami on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Fans of Alison Sweeney were shocked and saddened when she announced that she would be leaving "Days of Our Lives." She has played the character of Sami on the soap opera for 21 years. There is a lot of speculation on how the writers will have her exit the show. On Feb. 7, Parade reported on how Sami may leave as well as how Alison's fans have reacted.

Sweeney spoke about how her fans reacted to the news of her departure and said,

“It was really sweet and sad. So many people have said how sad they are to see Sami leave, and I keep saying, ‘It’s not until the end of the year! There’s still plenty of time to get your Sami fix.’ But that’s the amazing thing about the Days fans, they’ve been so supportive, they’ve expressed to me that they’re sad, but that they are so happy for me. It’s amazing. To me, that meant so much more, that they’re willing to spend the extra effort and say that I meant something to them… that I do, or Sami does. I can’t say enough how meaningful it was to me that they went that extra mile to let me know that.”

Now viewers are wondering how Sami will exit the show. Could she and EJ end up riding off into the sunset? That doesn't seem likely because of the issue with Abigail. Another theory is that she will go to prison for the attempted murder of Nick, but that would mean that Kate and Gabi would be arrested, too. Unless she took all of the blame, which isn't likely. Whatever they decide, Sami shouldn't just disappear without some sort of conclusion to her story.

Parade asked Alison what she would like to see happen and while she doesn't know what the writers have planned, she did say,

"Sami’s been through so much and certainly caused her share of trouble, so I imagine she’s not going to go out with a whisper. It’ll be some sort of bang.”

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