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'Days of Our Lives': Sami continues to destroy Abigail

Sami is angry about EJ's affair with Abigail and she is willing to do whatever it takes to make her pay. "DOOL" spoilers for the upcoming week reveal that Sami is going to continue to try to destroy Abby. On July 27, Days of Our Lives News posted some information on what Sami does next.

Alison Sweeney plays Sami on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The website states that Sami is going to speak with Anne at the hospital. It is no secret that Anne has huge issues with Abigail's mother, Jennifer. Sami is going to demand that Kayla have Abigail fired for having an affair with EJ DiMera.

So will Kayla fire Abigail? Celeb Dirty Laundry wrote that she will and that makes sense since she finds out what Sami has done. She ends up going to see Sami and they have a major confrontation.

A sneak peek photo posted on NBC's website shows Abigail grabbing Sami by the wrist. Abby's face isn't seen clearly, but her profile can and she looks like she has some words to say to her. Sami's eyebrows are raised and she looks slightly amused at Abigail's sudden display of courage.

As for the other characters, on Monday viewers witnessed Daniel being knocked out this week Kristen will return and will kidnap Daniel. Fans shouldn't worry, though because he will get free and a photo shows him having the upper hand. He ends up pinning her against a wall and puts his hand over her mouth. It looks like he was beat up by someone because he has blood stains under his nose and around his mouth. He will find out Kristen's plans for Brady. Will he be able to warn him or will Kristen end up gaining control of the situation?

Fans can also expect to see Eve blackmailing Theresa. All that is known is that it has to do with a medical situation, but on Monday, Eve received a phone call regarding her test results. The doctor's voice couldn't be heard, but she looked shocked, like something was wrong. But then she said she would have to "juggle some accounts." Later, she called Theresa and said she wanted to talk about the lawsuit.

It seems that Eve won't have to ask Theresa for a favor. She was listening in when Anne questioned Theresa about her reaction to John not waking up. Even though no information was given because Anne recieved a phone call, Eve confronts her sister. She will definitely be using it to blackmail Theresa, but what does she want her to do?

As for Will, he will try to deal with his mother. The caption of a sneak peek photo says that he is going to strike back. How will he handle her and how will Sami feel about her son going up against her?

What do you think is going to happen this week on "Days of Our Lives?" Will Kayla fire Abigail? How will Sami respond to Abby and how will Will strike back at his mother? What does Eve want Theresa to do and what are Kristen's plans for Brady?

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