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'Days of Our Lives' rumor: Is Theresa pregnant?

Is Theresa pregnant?
Is Theresa pregnant?
Courtesy of Vivian Zink/NBC

As things heat up for all the characters in Salem, "Days of Our Lives" fans are busy speculating on what will happen next. As loyal viewers know, Theresa has dodged the bullet so far as far as John Black's condition goes. But fans know that some time, somehow she will get caught and the truth will come out. It seems that Theresa trying to kill John won't be the only issue the character will face in August. On Aug. 6, the Soap Opera Spy reported that Brady Black will receive shocking news.

According to the Facebook post, there is a rumor that Theresa Donovan could be pregnant with Brady's child. As of this article publishing, there are only a few viewers that have left their reactions. Out of those, all are mortified that such a rumor even exists. Theresa is Salem's bad girl and doesn't seem very maternal.

Even though I don't personally think Theresa will become pregnant, if she did, she could use that to get her "big payday" from Brady. There was an episode a while back in which she was going to take cash out of his wallet while he was passed out. She decided not to at the last moment because she wanted to wait for the "big payday."

But now things between the two are getting complicated. They got married in Las Vegas, but Brady knew once he sobered up (and learned they actually wed) that it was a mistake. He immediately told Theresa that they needed to get the marriage annulled. Even though she agreed, she did look heartbroken. It seems the bad girl and money-hungry Theresa may have fallen in love.

Even though "DOOL" spoilers claim that Theresa might get pregnant, I don't think that is the shocking news. I believe that Brady will finally find out the truth. Theresa probably won't get caught by the police, but Brady will find out in some way that she was the one who hit John in the head. If that were not bad enough, she also let Brady take the blame for it. Even though she pushed that he was just defending himself, he could have gone to prison. Thankfully forensics and the police did their job and did not file charges due to lack of evidence.

So, "Days of Our Lives" fans, what do you think of the "Theresa pregnant" rumors? Do you think she will discover she is with child in August? If not, what is your theory on what Brady's shocking news will be?

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