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'Days of Our Lives': Possible romance for Hope and Aiden

Kristian Alfonso plays Hope on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Mark Metcalfe

Aiden is a relatively new character on "Days of Our Lives" and not much is known about his past. Even so, he seems like a good man and a caring father. The only person that seems to have issues with him is Hope, due to the two getting off on the wrong foot. Even though the two butt heads, there is speculation that they could end up in a romance. On April 11, Days of Our Lives News posted about the possibility of Hope and Aiden getting together.

Even though Hope and Aiden seem to pick fights every chance they get, viewers can't ignore that there is some chemistry between them. The only problem with them starting a relationship, if they can ever get past the bickering, is that Hope is still married to Bo. However, he has been out of the picture for about two years now due to an undercover assignment. Even though Hope has tried to be patient and understanding, fans are getting restless since he was a loved character on the show.

Hope and Aiden do seem to have some things in common, even if they think they are opposites. Both are grieving spouses. Aiden is coping with the death of his wife while trying to raise his son by himself. Hope is also raising a child by herself and while Bo isn't deceased, it probably feels like it. They are also both in the criminal justice field, passionate about protecting their children and they both go above and beyond to help others.

For fans that want Bo back on "Days of Our Lives," it doesn't appear that will be happening. After a two year absence, actor Peter Reckell went to Twitter to talk about Bo. He said,

"Going back to Days [of Our Lives], I don't think that will ever happen as a long term commitment."

However, Reckell did say that he is willing to come back to close out Bo's story and that fans deserve at least that. It is surprising that another actor has not been cast to take over the part, especially after two years. Most of the chatter on the Internet indicates that viewers either want Peter Reckell to return or they want closure to the story.

With Reckell not likely to return for a long-term commitment, this definitely leaves an opening for Hope and Aiden to pursue a romantic relationship. If they do, it will be interesting how their kids will deal with it since they don't seem to like each other very much. Also, how will the rest of Salem feel about Hope dating someone? There is probably going to be at least one character that will feel like she is "betraying" Bo and try to make her feel guilty.

Do you think that Hope and Aiden will end up together? What are your theories on what will happen with Bo's storyline? If you had the chance to write his ending on "Days of Our Lives," what would it be?

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