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'Days of Our Lives': Nicole to be exposed by someone surprising

Last week on "Days of Our Lives," Nicole was pressured by Daniel to tell Eric the truth. However, instead of confessing that she had and tried to destroy proof that would clear Eric, she told a huge, ridiculous lie. Nicole told Eric that Daniel is in love with her and that is why the two seemed so tense. So what will happen the week of May 27 on the NBC soap opera with Nicole, Eric and the other characters? On Sunday, Days of Our Lives News posted some juicy spoilers for the upcoming week.

Arianne Zucker plays Nicole on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Araya Diaz

Nicole is going to lash out at Daniel and will tell him that they can no longer be friends. This obviously has something to do with Nicole's secret about Chyka. She wants Daniel to not say anything to Eric, but how can he keep something like that from him? It isn't known if Daniel is going to find out right away that she told Eric that Daniel was in love with her, but if he doesn't discover her latest lie this week, it will be very soon. While some people might just stop being friends with someone after being told something like that, Eric is the opposite. He is going to want to talk to Daniel about what Nicole told him.

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for Friday reveal that Nicole is going to become desperate to save her relationship. This seems to suggest that the truth about at least one of her lies is going to be exposed. Eric is a faithful man, one who values honesty. Perhaps he may have been able to forgive her if she had confessed early on.

However, when he finds out the lengths that she has gone to keep secrets from him and the lies she has told, how will he ever trust her again? Nicole isn't going to be able to get away with it and fans might not have to wait long to see it all unfold. On Thursday, JJ is going to unintentionally cause Nicole's downfall.

As for the other characters, the investigation into who killed Nick has been a major storyline. A sneak peek reveals that Will confesses to the murder, but most viewers do not believe that he did it. One theory is that he is trying to protect someone he cares about, most likely Sonny or Gabi. However, viewers shouldn't worry too much. On Thursday, Hope is going to suspect that not everything is what it seems and by the end of the week, Nick's murder investigation is going to take a "shocking turn."

Could this shocking turn have to do with Sonny? Spoiler reports state that Victor is going to have a realization about him. Also, Hope is going to arrive at Victor's home with a search warrant.

Fans can also expect Paige to make a startling discovery that involves JJ, courtesy of Bev. Ben is going to have a strong reaction to an innocent offer. Photos posted to NBC's website indicate that it will have to do with Abigail. Marlena will get jealous when she finds out that Roman has a date with Giselle. Brady is going to be tempted to go back to drugs and Jennifer is going to hear a very interesting conversation. The conversation either has something to do with JJ or he was a party in the actual conversation because photos show JJ and Jennifer together and his body language suggests that he is explaining or defending something to her.

What do you think is going to happen this week on "Days of Our Lives?" Which character and storyline are looking forward to the most?

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