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'Days of Our Lives': Nicole's secret and will Abigail move on?

Arianne Zucker plays Nicole on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Araya Diaz

On the Feb. 24 episode of "Days of Our Lives," Marlena questioned whether Nicole was telling her the whole truth and sensed that she was guilty of something. Sami also wasn't too happy with Nicole, blaming her for Eric leaving the priesthood. Abigail and E.J. were also highlighted in this episode as he tried to convince her to move on. Now fans want to know if Nicole do the right thing and if Abigail will stop trying to make E.J. her man.

Nicole is keeping a secret, a huge one about Eric's innocence. After Chyka escaped, Nicole found proof in the safe that he was drugged, but she decided to keep that information to herself. She loves Eric and him leaving the priesthood would mean that they could be together. But she is conflicted about her feelings and feels guilty. Will she correct her mistake and tell Eric the truth? Although it seems as if she will, love can be a powerful thing and knowing Nicole, she will probably stay silent. It is likely that in the future, Eric will find out the truth and her heart will be broken.

Two other characters are also having conflict. Abigail and E.J. had a fling and now that he and Sami have worked out their issues, are back to sleeping in the same bed and have set a wedding date, he wants the affair to end. However, Abigail isn't going to just walk away. Today, as E.J. and Abby were about to get intimate, he tried a different approach with her since telling her it's over wasn't working. Abigail became upset that E.J. was trying to make their "relationship" all about sex, but truthfully, that is all it was. She was hurt and felt betrayed, but this likely won't stop Abigail from taking matters in her own hands. Spoilers for this week revealed that E.J. and Abby are going to come to an understanding. Now the only question is what kind of understanding is it? Will E.J. finally get her to move on or will she threaten to expose their affair to Sami if he doesn't continue to be with her?

What do you think will happen next on "Days of Our Lives?" Will Nicole tell Eric the truth or will she continue to hide the evidence? Has E.J. resolved the issue with Abigail or does she have a plan to keep him in her life?

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