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'Days of Our Lives' news: James Scott quits after drug induced awakening

James Scott
James Scott
Photo by John Shearer

Fans of "Days of Our Lives" have heard the rumors that James Scott would be leaving soon. On Saturday, Radar Online shared the news about the shocking reason he is leaving the show. James actually says that he took a drug that made him hallucinate. He did this while on a trip to Peru and then he had an an awakening. It made him realize this wasn't what he wanted to do.

James shared that he what he used was Ayahuasca which is this hallucinogenic. He was there with three Shamans and they would blow smoke into his crown. He hung out in the jungle and also in a hut while this was all going on. James shares that he came home a different person after this trip and it was an amazing experience. He is now moving on from the life of an actor on a soap opera. Scott reveals that he left to take personal time.

Showbiz 411 shared that when you use this kind of drug it starts out really bad. It is legal in Brazil but of course not everywhere. When you start tripping it on, you get very sick including vomiting, severe pain, and more. Once that is done, then things get better and you start to have revelations about your life. James Scott doesn't seem to mind the side effects and says that this changed his entire life. He seems very happy with his decision to leave "DOOL" and start living a different kind of life.

Don't miss James Scott on new episodes of "Days of Our Lives." He may be gone but that doesn't mean that he won't still be on the show. There are a lot of episodes already recorded that will include him. Fans are going to miss him and are curious how it will all turn out. So far there are no reports about if they will replace him or not.