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'Days of Our Lives': Kristen to take desperate measures to escape Daniel

Shawn Christian plays Daniel on "Days of Our Lives"
Shawn Christian plays Daniel on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Kristen DiMera has returned on "Days of Our Lives" and her first order of business was to kidnap Daniel. However, he turned the tables on her and now she is the hostage while he is in control. So what will happen with these two characters next? On Aug. 8, International Business Times revealed some "DOOL" spoilers regarding Daniel and Kristen.

According to the report, Kristen will not have an easy time in Salem. As expected, her returning to town will shock everyone and she will not be welcomed with open arms. She had certain plans laid out, but Daniel ruined them. Each plan she comes up with, Daniel will continue to outsmart her.

Daniel wants to make Kristen accept responsibility for the things she has done. However, when Daniel tells her to own up to her evil acts, she desperately tries to escape. But just like before, her plan fails. She Knows reported that Kristen will end up going to Stefano for help.

Soap Opera Fan reported similar spoilers. The website also revealed that EJ is going to have to make a decision regarding his sister. Nobody knows which side he will take. If he were still with Sami, he would probably go against Kristen DiMera. However, now that Sami is determined to make EJ pay, he could choose either side.

EJ will warn Kate that Stefano could be targeting her and Sami. Eric's decision to leave the priesthood will have Sami very upset. She will ends up having a confrontation with Nicole over it. Sami will get a restraining order against EJ. However, she will end up in a legal battle herself. Sonny believes that Will's article is just asking for trouble and it will end up with Sami in a rage. There will be a confrontation between Sami and her son.

Also, Hope is going to become jealous when she finds out that Aiden and Jennifer are going on a date. Clyde will decide to remain in Salem and Theresa will tell Eve to stay away from Brady.

What do you think is going to happen with the characters this week on "Days of Our Lives?"

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