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'Days of Our Lives': Kristen to outmaneuver Eric and more spoilers

Greg Vaughan plays Eric on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Benjamin Cohen/NBC

Now that Kristen has been brought back to Salem and has been arrested, "Days of Our Lives" fans are dying to know what is going to happen next. Will she have to pay for her crimes or will she get away with it is one question viewers are asking. On Aug. 15, International Business Times published "DOOL" spoilers for next week's episodes. One of those has to do with Eric and Kristen.

Kristen is back, thanks to Daniel outwitting her and she is back in Salem. Although she has been trying to play it cool in front of Eric, Sami, Marlena and everyone else, there is something in her eyes that says she is worried. She assumed that EJ would defend her, but to her surprise, he refused. Kristen DiMera is going to have to call her father, Stefano, and hope that he helps her.

Even though the past week Kristen lost control of the situation with Daniel, she is about to flip the tables. "DOOL" spoilers for Aug. 18-22 state that on her way to court, Kristen is going to "outmaneuver" Eric. The former priest has a lot of hatred for what Kristen did to him. It will be interesting to see what she says or does to Eric.

On "Days of Our Lives," Sami and EJ have a good storyline. Right now she is getting her revenge, but fans were a little surprised at what was revealed on Thursday's episode. As usual, EJ was trying to win her back or at least get her to stop fighting so hard. Even though she had angry words, the look on her face revealed a lot of sadness. It almost looked like she was tempted to take him back or was at least thinking about it.

So will EJ and Sami get back together? Based on the spoilers, it is hard to say. Spoiler reports reveal that as Sami's family grows apart and isolates her, the tension between her and EJ come to a head. It is being reported that they end up in a "brutal" fight. But once Will's article comes out, she has to think about reconsidering her plans. It also says that when everyone turns their back on her, she will reach out to her husband.

Soap Opera Fan also had some information on next week's episodes. In the beginning of the week, Kate and Will will have a confrontation over the article that exposed Sami. On Wednesday, the article comes out in the papers. It will cause an outburst and severe consequences. Those that were hoping that Sami being exposed might teach her a lesson are wrong. Towards the end of the week, Sami will go after Abigail once again, which will enrage EJ.

So many characters are having bad luck in the romance department, but there is a glimmer of hope for who characters. Fans were surprised when Aiden asked Jennifer out on a date. While it was amusing to watch him be awkward and crack silly jokes, it was kind of sweet that he was so nervous. But Jennifer isn't the one he wants. Viewers cannot deny the sparks that fly between Hope and Aiden.

Hope and Aiden are going to have a talk and fans are wondering if she will interrogate him about asking Jennifer out on a date. But their talk might be a bit more serious than that. A spoiler reported wrote that their "blossoming relationship takes an awkward and unhappy turn." It is being hinted that Hope will discover what Aiden is hiding. A website also wrote that viewers will have to brace themselves to find out Aiden's secrets when "Hope discovers his lies." What has he been hiding and does it have anything to do with Chase's mother?

Other "DOOL" spoilers for next week include Clyde asking for Kate to help him get established in Salem. Knowing Clyde, he won't be asking, she will be forced to do it. If she doesn't, Jordan and more importantly Rafe will find out she led him to Salem. Also, expect Will and Sonny to get in a confrontation over the article on Sami and Jennifer will make a tempting offer to Eve. Towards the end of the week, Daniel will become even more doubtful of Theresa and her intentions.

Finally, Chad DiMera will be returning to Salem, but he will be played by a different actor. Soap Opera Digest reported that Billy Flynn has been cast for the part, replacing Casey Deidrick. Co-executive producer Greg Meng said in a statement that Chad's return will "alter the dynamic of Salem society in ways that fans won't want to miss." Look for the new Chad DiMera on the Sept. 12 episode.

What do you think will happen next week on "Days of Our Lives?" It definitely sounds like it is going to be an explosive and shocking week in Salem.

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