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'Days of Our Lives': Jordan has to face her past and other spoilers

A lot happened last week on "Days of Our Lives." J.J. finally told Jennifer the truth about Theresa, Abigail decided that she was not going to accept E.J. breaking things off with her and Nicole hid the fact that she had written proof that Eric was drugged. On Feb. 21, We Love Soaps revealed what is going to happen on the show for the week of Feb. 24.

Chrishell Stause plays Jordan Ridgeway on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Daniel and Jennifer

Now that Jennifer knows that Daniel wasn't sleeping with Theresa and was actually protecting her son from going to jail, she wants to get back together. However, Theresa is a real problem and Jennifer feels threatened by her. Now that Theresa knows that Daniel will never be with her, her scheming to get him in bed has morphed into getting revenge.

Theresa and Brady

This week Theresa will spend more time with Brady and the two would probably make a great couple. They both like to party and Brady knows what type of girl she is, but he could probably handle her. Could the two end up getting together?

Brady is going to get a bit paranoid. He will accuse Victor and Maggie of having him followed.

Jordan and Rafe

While they probably are not doing that, someone is following Rafe and Jordan. On Tuesday, the identity of that person will be revealed and Jordan will be forced to face the past she has been running from. Actor Justin Gaston will be introduced as Jordan's brother, Ben. Could he be the one spying on her and is that the person she is running from? On Friday she will have a confrontation with her brother that shakes her up.

E.J., Sami and Abigail

Abigail has become obsessed with E.J. and even though he told her that he loves Sami and their fling has to end, she isn't going to take that lying down. E.J. is going to continue to try to end things with her and get her to move on. The two do end up coming to an understanding by the end of the week.

Nick and Gabi

Nick is going to try to stop Gabi from going out with T. He probably will convince her because he is crafty and she believes that he really has changed. On Friday he will exploit her insecurities. Will she ever open up her eyes and see that she is being played?

Other spoilers

Other "Days of Our Lives" spoilers for the week include E.J. and Sami finally setting a wedding date and she will attack Nicole when she finds out that Eric is leaving the priesthood. Nicole will try to fix her mistake and Jennifer will help Eric with a job opportunity. J.J. will open up to his sister and Marlena will make a deal with the devil. Also, Hope and Aiden will have to work together, which isn't going to go smoothly. The two will continue to butt heads.

What are you looking forward to the most this week on "Days of Our Lives?"

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