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'Days of Our Lives': Is Paige's storyline going anywhere?

True O'Brien plays Paige on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Chris Haston/NBC

There are a lot of characters on "Days of Our Lives." Some are fan favorites while others viewers hate with a passion. Then there is Paige Larson. She hasn't had much of a storyline and "DOOL" fans find her character to be quite tame. But fans shouldn't rule Paige out just yet. On the Aug. 11 episode of "Days of Our Lives," Paige told JJ that she was not changing her mind about staying in Salem for another year. So what will happen with her character?

Even though Paige started out as a minor character who didn't have much screen time or dialogue, it looks like things are changing. Lately she has been given more lines. Also, the decision for her to delay Stanford for a year must have been done for a reason.

Right now fans simply know her as JJ's girlfriend and the most shocking thing coming from her character was finding out that Eve is her mother. But there are hints that there will be more drama for Paige Larson. For one, soap ratings fall if the characters become boring. While nobody likes drama in the real world, on television it is a necessity. It would make no sense to cast a character and give her the screen time that Paige has if she is going to remain boring.

Chances are that the writers have something up their sleeves for this character. Between JJ saying "no partying" to his friends to the lawsuit over Jack's book, not to mention her being Eve Donovan's daughter and some questioning whether JJ should even be dating her, something is coming up for Paige. Viewers really don't know that much about her past, where she comes from or even how Eve raised her. She has some secrets, but because she is portrayed as a goody two-shoes, a lot of fans haven't suspected it yet.

The decision for Paige to stay in Salem for another year should be a huge hint that something is going to happen with her character. There are no "DOOL" spoilers regarding the future of her character. However, there are just too many subtle signs that say she is either going to bring some drama to "Days of Our Lives" or be on the receiving end of it.

What do you think about the character of Paige Larson? Do you think that she will become more exciting to watch as time goes on?

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