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'Days of Our Lives': Is Jennifer's life in danger?

Melissa Reeves plays Jennifer on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

This week is going to be an exciting one for "DOOL" fans. On April 20, Days of Our Lives News revealed spoilers for the soap opera this week and it sounds like a lot is going to happen. Viewers will meet someone from Liam's past and Jennifer's life could be in grave danger. Also, incriminating evidence is going to be found in Daniel's apartment and Theresa will realize that Liam is out of control.

Fans didn't think much of Liam when he started dating Jennifer. However, once she broke things off with him, he turned into a completely different person. Not only did he go into a rage when he was dumped, but he started a smear campaign against Jennifer. Not only that, but he is now attacking those that she is close to, including Daniel.

Thanks to Liam spiking Daniel's protein drink, the hospital suspended him pending an investigation. For once Theresa wasn't the active player, although she did play a part by giving Liam the key to Daniel's apartment. Jennifer is on Daniel's side and on Tuesday's episode of "Days of Our Lives," she will find incriminating evidence in his apartment, which she will examine and investigate on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Nicole will meet Liam's ex-wife (Alicia Leigh Willis) and will realize that he is dangerous. But will Nicole do anything about the Liam situation? He is blackmailing her and she hasn't come forward with the information that could clear Daniel. With new information about the character and realizing how dangerously unstable he is, will she do the right thing and reveal what she knows? Earlier in the week, Nicole will dig up some dirt on Liam and she will ask Rafe for help with something.

On Friday, Liam is going to find Jennifer at the Horton Cabin, which doesn't sound good. He is mentally unstable and on top of everything else he is doing, Liam has broken into her home. Tracking her down at the cabin could put Jennifer's life in danger.

Even though Liam is the cause of Daniel and Jennifer's problems right now, everyone suspects Theresa. Daniel is going to try to convince her to confess to drugging him. Even though Theresa can't stand Jennifer, she does know that Liam is completely out of control. Will she do something to stop his madness, even though her part could be brought into the open?

What do you think of Liam's storyline on "Days of Our Lives?" Will Nicole and Theresa do the right thing? Once Liam finds Jennifer at the cabin, will her life be in danger?

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