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'Days of Our Lives': Eve's return and more encounters in Salem

Kassie DePaiva plays Eve on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Things are heating up on "Days of Our Lives" and even though some characters have or will be going, there are still plenty of juicy storylines. On Sunday, Christian Today posted "DOOL" spoilers for June 23 to 27. Now that Eve has returned, she and another character will have an encounter. However, she isn't the only one. The website reported that there will be other encounters with different characters this week.

On Monday, Kate will give Jordan some advice, which will surprise her. Knowing that the two are not friends, this should make Jordan suspicious. What is Kate up to now? It has also been reported that Abigail will end up in EJ's arms. This doesn't necessarily mean that the two will rekindle their affair. Last week Sami was plotting revenge and she had the two pose for a photo together. Is this related to that or does it mean something else?

Tuesday's episode of "Days of Our Lives" will feature an encounter between Eve and Jennifer. Her return is shocking to Jenn and it should be even more shocking when she finds out that Eve is Paige's mother. Eve will end up telling Jennifer a secret about Jack.

On Wednesday, EJ invites an unexpected guest to the wedding. Who could it be and is it someone that Sami will disapprove of? Will there even be a wedding? According to She Knows, the wedding will happen. The website wrote that Abigail will be a bridesmaid and speculated that the truth about her affair with EJ might be revealed that day.

Thursday's episode will have Rafe making a decision about his future with Jordan. He wants her to open up about all of her secrets. However, will she tell him what she is hiding or will she lose him forever?

On Friday, Ciara and Chase will give Hope and Aiden some surprising news. What could it possibly be? Does it have anything to do with the gala, their going to the event "as friends" or perhaps the news will spark the beginning of a romance for the two?

She Knows reported some other "DOOL" spoilers coming up. Kate will travel to the Ozarks to meet with a man from Jordan's past. Also, Kristen will end up kidnapping somebody.

Are you looking forward to "Days of Our Lives" this week? Which characters are you most excited about seeing?

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