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'Days of Our Lives': Daniel to make Kristen DiMera pay?

Things in Salem are heating up and characters are either adding fuel to the fire or are getting burned. On Aug. 1, International Business Times posted some "DOOL" spoilers for the upcoming week. "Days of Our Lives" fans can expect a confrontation between Daniel and Kristen, Will makes a decision he may regret and Eric talks to Nicole about their future.

Eileen Davidson plays Kristen DiMera on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Daniel and Kristen

Kristen DiMera is back and her first order of business was to have Daniel kidnapped. She has a plan for Brady and demands Daniel's cooperation. As fans saw last week, he ended up getting out of the situation he was in, so what will happen next? NBC posted sneak peek photos, which show Kristen being tied up and gagged. She doesn't appear to be in the hotel suite where she was keeping Daniel. There are cardboard boxes in the background and Kristen has her back up against a metal rack, possibly storing linen.

The caption for the sneak peek photo says that Kristen will give Daniel an emotional confession. Soap Opera Fan reported that Daniel will stop at nothing to make Kristen DiMera pay for what she has done.

Will's decision

Will does not agree with his mother's plans to destroy Abigail. He had a major confrontation with Sami last week. This week, he plans on doing something, but may regret it later. Sonny will find out about Will's plans and goes to Victor for help. It sounds like whatever Will plans on doing is serious.

Sami's next target

Sami has been busy destroying EJ and Abigail's lives, but this week her eyes will be on another target. Except this person won't be on her bad side. That person is Rafe and she will think that he wants her back. Rafe is having such a difficult time with Jordan, but Kate sleeping with him and now Sami thinking he wants her back, he definitely has his hands full.

Eric and Nicole

Things are pretty much over between Eric and Nicole, but some fans are hoping he forgives her. "DOOL" spoilers report that Eric will tell Nicole how much he despises her and informs her about their "future." This doesn't sound good, but a sneak peek photo on NBC of the couple states that on their trip to Rome, "sparks will fly." The caption makes it sound like the two will romantically reconnect, but perhaps "sparks" isn't a positive term for the duo?

She Knows also revealed that this week on "Days of Our Lives," JJ will confront Sami about what she is doing to Abigail and Eric will try to push away his real feelings for Nicole. Jordan will end up slapping Kate and the lawsuit between Jennifer and Eve will hit the courtroom.

What do you think is going to happen this week on "Days of Our Lives?" Which storyline are you most interested in?

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