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Days Of Our Lives Casey Moss rocks out in "Eyes Of One"

Casey Moss
Casey Moss

Casey Moss, JJ Devereaux on 'Days Of Our Lives' and his musical partner Andy Weissberg have formed a Rock band called “Eyes of One " and the official website is at They have released their first EP entitled “Reconnection”!

They describe their recording project saying, “Eyes of One is a Los Angeles based Rock ‘n’ Roll band Started by lead singer ( Casey Moss) and guitar player (Andy Weissberg) The bands sound is driven and influenced by some of the biggest names in Rock ‘n’ Roll and heavy metal dating back from the 1980′s to the current 2000′s. Casey and Andy started this project with one goal in mind and that is to bring back a true organic/natural Rock ‘n’ Roll sound. They feel Its best to approach their song writing and lyrics based only from their own real life experiences. Doing it this way allows them to bring out the true and full emotion in their songs. They both feel that Rock ‘n’ Roll is missing the true organic aspect of its music today and it has taken a sharp turn Into a direction that is hard for most people to call rock. This is why the first EP released is named Reconnection. They feel that their music is a great example of what has gone missing in Rock ‘n’ Roll. "Eyes of One" are ready to take a stand to that statement and prove that true Rock ‘n’ Roll is not dead and that the world deserves to be given back the sound that has been taken away from them."

Their music is real, hard and down to earth. The sound is that of a past rock and roll band, true and edgy and "Rockin". Casey Moss has a rugged, earthy singing voice and the band has great sound. Welcome to Rock 'n' Roll "Eyes of One"