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'Days of our Lives' - Another one bites the dust




     By now most of you have heard the rumors swirling all over the web that Thaao Penghlis has been fired from Day's of our lives.  Apparently, this was not just a rumor.  Jamey Giddens over at Daytime Confidential stayed on top of this and pointed us to a source claiming this bleak news is true.

     It is sad news for yet another Days actor that has made some major contributions to this show playing both Tony and Andre DiMera for years.  The firing of Phenghlis comes in the wake of the recent firings of two other long term popular Days actors.  When Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) and Drake Hogestyn (John Black) were let go we thought the carnage would end but in light of this latest firing, we must have been wrong.   

  There is clearly no respect for the veterans on this show.

   Recently I had the pleasure to corresepond with members of the Days of our Lives cast  who took the time to share the best part of their jobs as daytime performers.  Here is what Thaao Penghlis had to say about his job on Days:

I'll never die of Alzheimer's.  Stimulating the memory muscle for so many years is a sure remedy of not getting dementia.  The only negative thing is if I gave my brain to science and they opened it up they would probably say, "What the hell was that man thinking!"

   Hear what other Day's cast members had to say about the best reasons to work on a soap and do check out the full account of this breaking news from Giddens over at Daytime Confidential.  As always, do share your thoughts here about yet another dark datyime report. 


  • huh? 6 years ago

    Jamey Gibbons broke nothing. He linked to a blog that broke the news.

  • MrsDee63 6 years ago

    There is something so wrong with this picture, they are not going to stimulate old viewers, infact what they are doing is making old viewers turnoff from Days. I am just about done after 43 yrs.

  • m 6 years ago

    Hi Mrs. Dee--The news just keeps getting sadder. I hear you about the time you have invested in this show as a fan and now, they have chosen to leave the veteran actors (which have been the backbone of the show) in the dust. These decisions are driving long-term viewers away and it's just not right.

  • Kebee 6 years ago

    I always felt like the head honchos at "Days" didn't know a good thing when they had it. The good thing was the veterans that were recently let go: Thaao Penghlis,Diedre Hall, Drake Hogestyn. I agree with the others. Instead of bolstering viewers, they are driving us away from Salem. I had watched for over 20 years; mostly when Thaao Penghlis was on. Now, with his departure---so am I.

  • Cindy 6 years ago

    I grew to really love the work of Thaao Penghlis on DOOL. Every time he was let go, it hurt seeing him leave. This time it really hurts because I learned how he loved his fans and even reaches out to them. I followed his talent the best I could through the years. After being Emmy nominated last year you would think he would be more respected and used to better the show. Instead he was thrown away like last years newspaper. I am leaving DOOL for the first time since the sixties. May his travels in the future be more respected and honored.