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'Days of Our Lives': An ankle bracelet isn't going to stop Kristen DiMera

Eileen Davidson plays Kristen DiMera on "Days of Our Lives"
Courtesy of Benjamin Cohen/NBC

Fans of "Days of Our Lives" were excited when it was announced that bad girl Kristen DiMera was returning to the soap opera. Now that she is back in Salem, viewers want to see her held accountable for her crimes. Viewers couldn't believe it when Kristen was given an ankle monitoring bracelet on Friday's episode. Even though these devices keep some criminals in check, it won't stop Kristen.

Once the officer attached the monitoring device on Kristen's ankle, she said to herself that she knew exactly where she wanted to go. Fans that have been keeping up with "DOOL" spoilers know that she intended on finding Brady. Kristen is determined and nothing is going to stop her, not even a monitoring bracelet.

At the end of Friday's episode of "Days of Our Lives," Kristen found Brady at the park. He was stunned to see her and she simply smiled at him. A preview video released earlier this week revealed a look into what she says to him. In the clip, Kristen seems to actually believe that she and Brady can be together again. As she slowly approaches him with a smile on her face, Brady tells her he knows that she kidnapped Daniel. He asks if she has the same thing in mind for him.

Sneak peek photos for the week of Aug. 25 reveal that Daniel is going to catch Kristen in John's hospital room. The photo shows Kristen reading paperwork inside a manila folder, most likely John's medical file. She wants Brady back and right now he is frustrated because he can't seem to get any specialists to come take a look at his father. Could Kristen try to use her connections to bring a top specialist to look at John? Brady wants his father to wake up from his coma and recover. Does Kristen think that doing something like this will have Brady forgive her? He would be grateful, but forgiveness is a long shot.

What do you think is going to happen with Kristen and Brady on "Days of Our Lives?" Why is she in John's hospital room and what will she tell Brady at the park? Should fans be worried or will Brady be able to handle Kristen and her manipulations?

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