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'Days of Our Lives': Aiden has a date, but it isn't with Hope

Things are getting intense for the characters of "Days of Our Lives." Fans can expect things to really heat up during the week of Aug. 11. So what is going to happen on the soap opera? On Aug. 4, She Knows posted some spoilers and one of them has to do with Aiden's love life.

Daniel Cosgrove plays Aiden on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Fans don't know Aiden very well. He seems like a nice guy, doesn't drink and does not want his son, Chase, to talk to others about his mother. This raises a lot of questions about why he came to Salem and the details on Chase's mother. Chances are some of those secrets are going to slowly come out in the next few months.

There is also the issue of Aiden's love life. When he first met Hope, the two didn't get along at all. But after spending some time together to work on a project, they seemed to have a real connection. "DOOL" spoilers reveal that on Monday, Aiden well tell Hope that he has a date with Jennifer.

Will Aiden and Jennifer hit it off or perhaps he is just dating her to make Hope jealous? It seems that he isn't sure about Hope's feelings and knowing she is still legally married, even though Bo hasn't been in the picture for a long time. This might be the push Hope needs to let Aiden know her feelings or she might just try to move on. But fans know she can't forget that night they danced. It is something that she will probably continue to think about.

There is also the issue of Daniel. Even though he broke up with Jennifer, something tells me that the two will find their way back to each other. Kristen has kidnapped Daniel and she had the nerve to mention Jennifer. After the whole situation with Kristen DiMera is over with, he might realize just how much he loves Jenn.

Other spoilers for the week of Aug. 11 according to She Knows include Theresa telling Eve to stay away from Brady. On Tuesday, Sonny will read Will's article about Sami and suspects it is something he will regret doing later on. Wednesday's episode will have Sami confronting Nicole about hiding the evidence from Eric, which caused him to not be able to return to the priesthood. On Thursday, Kristen will ask Stefano for help and Friday's episode will have EJ warning Kate that Stefano might be coming after her and Sami.

Soap Opera Fan also has some spoilers. The website says that judgment will come fast for Kristen and EJ will have to decide whether to side with her or not. Sami will file a restraining order against EJ, but might find herself on the receiving end of some legal problems. Will's article comes out, which causes a huge fight between him and Sami.

The website also reported that Hope is going to have a hard time keeping her feelings for Aiden to herself. She discovers that he and Jennifer are going on a date and she lets jealousy take over. Jordan and Ben are going to have to deal with Clyde on a more permanent basis. Their stepfather will decide to move to Salem and begins making plans for the future of his new home.

Are you looking forward to watching "Days of Our Lives" next week? Do you think Aiden and Jennifer will continue to date or did he ask her out for another reason? What do you think will happen with Kristen?

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