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'Days of Our Lives': A connection to Liam coming to Salem

Alicia Leigh Willis will be appearing on "Days of Our Lives"
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

When fans first met Liam on "Days of Our Lives," he seemed like a really nice guy. His true colors didn't surface until Jennifer broke up with him. Now he is not only the newest troublemaker to Salem, but he also seems mentally unhinged. On April 7, the Facebook page Days of Our Lives Rejects posted that someone connected to him will be appearing on the soap opera.

Alicia Leigh Willis will be the woman that is somehow connected to Liam. She played Courtney on General Hospital from 2001 to 2006. She will make her debut on "DOOL" on April 22. Now the question is, who is she and how will the character tie into Liam?

Fans are guessing that she is Liam's ex and it makes sense. It is interesting that she and Jennifer are similar looking, both with golden blonde hair and blue eyes. If she is Liam's ex, why is she showing up in Salem? Does she arrive not expecting him to be there or is she coming to give a warning?

What do you think Alicia's storyline will be on "Days of Our Lives" and how does it tie into Liam?

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