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Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday morning at 2 a.m.

If you don't like Daylight Saving Time, blame Benjamin Franklin.  It was his idea.

Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend. At 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, the clock will move one hour forward – thereby losing the hour that was gained last fall. Fox News began issuing the reminder on Tuesday.

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Those who don’t like their clock being messed with can most logically blame Benjamin Franklin. Franklin is the person who proposed the idea for Daylight Saving Time. He did so in 1784. He did research overseas in which he found that the United States may be able to reduce the number of candles that were being used for light at the time if Americans adjusted their clocks.

More than a century later, the idea was finally taken into consideration by the federal government during the final year of World War I. Then, after the war was over, the law was repealed and Daylight Saving Time became optional.

Quite incredibly, the same thing happened during World War II, several decades later. After the states --- and even cities – made their own policies toward Daylight Saving Time, which obviously caused a great deal of confusion when people traveled from place to place, until some sense of uniformity finally took hold. The Uniform Time Act was put forth. It stated that a state could only opt out of Daylight Saving Time if the entire state agreed to do it. Also, it asserted that Daylight Saving Time would begin at the end of April and end at the end of October – which is no longer the case.

Daylight Saving Time changed to begin on the first Sunday in April in 1986. However, it changed again in 2007 when it was moved to the second ?Sunday in March – as it is now. It currently ends on the first Sunday in November.

Hawaii and Arizona are now the only two states in the United States who do not participate in Daylight Saving Time. Allegedly, there are some studies somewhere that claim the United States saves energy with the program.

Regardless, many people would like to go the route of Benjamin Franklin. Gone!

When changing clocks this weekend, it is suggested that people also check – and replace - their fire alarm batteries to make sure they are functional.

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