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Daylight Donuts offers fresh baked goodness

Daylight Donuts holds a small shop on the corner of Milligan Road and Pancheri Drive. As one walks into the fragrant; clean; and brightly lit bakery, he or she will quickly be greeted with a cheerful, "Welcome to Daylight Donuts, would you like to taste a sample from our freshly baked selection?" As you approach the counter, you realize that the said "selection" consists of a wide array of countless glazed, colorful, fresh looking donuts. What had been a craving for a quick treat on the way home from work, quickly turns into an uphill battle to cram as many flavors into a baker's dozen.

Daylight Donuts
Courtesy of Daylight Donuts inc.

The deep-fried treat has a soft, cloudy, and rich texture.

It is not grainy, nor does it feel mushy; it is firm, yet delicate on the pallet. The flavor is subtle at first but it soon becomes more assertive as it develops on the taste buds. This kind of flavor can only come from fresh ingredients. Sure enough, the owner guarantees that everything is made daily with fresh products. This fairly new business has experienced exponential growth over the last two years. People drive clear across town and spend much of their lunch hour driving back.

As subtly as the flavor it imparts, Daylight Donuts has conquered the rough and rugged people of Idaho. 

Find it:

900 Pancheri Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83402-3310
(208) 522-4250


  • Cynthia Cox- Bluefield, WV Travel Examiner 5 years ago

    I wish we had more donut shops in West Virginia.

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