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Daycare Workers Accused of Drugging Kids

Daycare accused of "spiking" candy with drugs
Daycare accused of "spiking" candy with drugs
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A Cincinnati-area daycare is accused of giving children drugs to take a nap.

The Covenant Apostolic Church daycare in Finneytown sent a letter home to parents telling them that 'as many as 17 children may have routinely been given some sort of drug or supplement at lunch time to settle the children down and get them to sleep longer.' This, all *without parental consent.
Those two staff members have been terminated.

A class action lawsuit was filed Tuesday against the church where daycare providers allegedly gave children drugs without their parents' consent.

According to Local 12, WKRC-TV, the employees apparently admitted they were giving something to children during their lunch time so they would take longer naps.
A daycare worker says she saw her supervisor putting something into tootsie rolls and giving them to children.
One grandmother is furious after police told her daughter the nutritional supplement melatonin was crushed and then added to her nine month old son's formula.

Laura Satterfield tells local 12, WKRC-TV, "When he first started coming out he took naps during the day, slept on his own, did everything fine... The last visit, he was here for four days didn't sleep at all during the day... And we had no clue that he was used to getting help sleeping."

The Mayo Clinic says the over-the-counter melatonin helps control sleep and wake cycles and is not FDA approved or regulated.