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Daycare gone to the dogs . . .

     Work all day leaving no time for Fido to play? No problem. Live in the Lawrenceville or Lilburn area? If so you should check out Funnybones. It's a daycare for dogs. While there they can run and play with other dogs till their hearts content. And there is no worry of aggressive dogs because all newcomers are screened. If they don't work out they go home. There is also a two hour nap time so if your four legged friend needs lunch he has two hours for his stomach to settle before rejoining the fun. And if your dog doesn't need a lunch then they can just rest. 

     Funnybones also does themed days (Howl-o-ween, Chillie Dog Day, Spring treat hunts) and birthday parties. There is lots of fun to be had. Also for these events, they are known for posting video's and photo's so you can watch and see what your dog did that day. The daycare also provides boarding. So instead of the regular old sit in a cage for the duration of their stay, your pet now has the option of playing all day.

     For another thing if your pet is overweight and sits around the house all day this is another option for getting the weight off. Instead of sitting, they'll be running and having fun hopefully sheading some of that extra weight. For your first daycare visit Funnybones charges $25, but after that it's $17. For more information go to


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