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'Daybreakers': The reintroduction of the "vampire"

Rat-like vampire creature used in Daybreakers to accentuate the loss of humanity among some vampires
Rat-like vampire creature used in Daybreakers to accentuate the loss of humanity among some vampires

Vampires are a hot topic in recent times with the explosion of the Twilight saga that has led to numerous more novels, movies, and television shows about the science fiction characters. Daybreakers, the new movie from directors Michael and Peter Spierig, is no exception, except that instead of creating a new, updated version of the bloodsuckers it sticks to the normal sunlight fearing and wooden stake weakened vampires that haunted our parents dreams when they were children.

The story behind these vampires, however, is what keeps the audience in their seats throughout the whole movie. Daybreakers is set in a futuristic 2019 in a world where an epidemic has taken over the human population that turns the bitten into vampires. Humans are scarce. When captured, they are taken to a facility in which they are harvested for their blood until they are sucked dry. Scientists furiously try to discover a suitable blood substitute as the scarcity of humans has led to a scarcity of rations to feed the everliving vampire population. Edward (Ethan Hawke) discovers something better than a substitute; he discovers a cure to reverse the vampire condition.

Setting the obvious social commentary parallel of the blood shortage and our current oil crisis as well as the over-abundance of grotesque and gruesome scenes aside, the movie remains consistently entertaining with a mixture of edge of the seat fear and excitement. This is not a movie recommended for people under 17 but it is an acceptable date movie or middle of the day time killer for anyone interested in a movie that reroutes the audience back to the good days of vampire movies with a futuristic, science fiction twist.


  • Aaron "Black Lavender" Kepler 5 years ago

    I found this very informitive and is a very good look at the movie Day Breakers. Who ever you are Blake keep up the good job, who knows we might cross someday.


  • Elana 5 years ago

    Great article blake!

  • Tyne 5 years ago

    Blake, although I probably won't ever go see this movie (because I am a wimp) I still really enjoyed reading the review. Can't wait to read your next one!

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