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Daybreak Lavender Farms

Daybreak Lavender Farm has a storefront in Streetsboro (2129 Frost Rd, Streetsboro, OH 44241; 330.626-3235).

Daybreak Farm's Vodka Splashes are HANDS DOWN the BEST body sprays EVER! The scent lasts all day. It's very subtle and I always get compliments on my "perfume". People are surprised to hear it is a body spray. I do spray a little on before I work out and when I don't feel like washing my hair, spray a little on the ends. I wish these were perfume.

I've bought three vodka splashes and have been happy with them. I have picked my scents to layer under my perfumes so I pick scents that my perfumes have in them. That being said, two I've been able to wear as stand alone scents. One, Vanilla Bourbon, is a bit too sweet for me. However, your skin will smell sweet and "warm". It's a great base for any perfume that has vanilla in it.

My two favorites always get me compliments. Women and men alike both compliment.

Vetiver Sandalwood. Sandalwood to me is a scent like gardenia. In nature, it's amazing. Bottled, well….. It's hard to find a good bottled sandalwood (or gardenia). Vetiver Sandalwood is warm and soothing - it's a soft scent with a lot of depth but it isn't cloying. Daybreak Farms knows how to make sandalwood into a perfume. It's a sexy scent that isn't overpowering and that is hard thing to find.

Tahitian Garden. Combining jasmine, lily of the valley, gardenia and freesia, this scent is very pretty. It was the first scent I've ever smelled that actually reminded me of Hawaii. This is the scent that you can wear to the office and out on the town. I love this scent.

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