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Day Z standalone goes through early release

Day Z's developers released a stand-alone version of its Arma II during the last quarter of 2013. The game’s maker warns players that they should not buy the product if they do not understand the development cycle. Programmers use alpha and beta testing to produce a highly polished end product.

Lara is not sure what this is, but Getty Image says it might be about zombies
Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Gamers can download the game from Steam, or they can download it directly from its official website. Unlike many other third person shooters, this game combines elements of a role playing game with survival horror. Survivors of the zombie apocalypse must acquire weapons, food, and other survival gear. Chernarus, the default setting for many scenarios, is known to be an area that experiences bitter cold. A survivor must acquire the right gear. If he does not, his fellow survivors will take it from him.

If someone can survive his fellow players, he may be able to find one of the vehicles left behind by the victims of the apocalypse. Cars, helicopters and the occasional airplane allow a player and a few of his trusted comrades easier access to many different parts of the map.

The zombie craze shows no signs of slowing. The original Day Z mod for Arma II inspired many imitators, including a tablet version called Plague Z, but there are times when only the original will do.

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